Me in The Future

When I grow up there are going to be some things that I want to do. I am going to tell you about my career, about where I want to live and why, and my family. 

Where I would like to live is in a good size house that has 3 levels and a big yard. I would want a good size house because then I good fit a good amount of people, but not to big that it would be too much to handle. A big backyard because I would want to be able to fit different things out there. Like a trampoline for the kids, a place to put a small garden and some trees, a tree house for fun, and I would need room for my dog to run and play. The 3 levels because so then there would be room for my kids and to have a big kitchen because I like to bake.  And the basement so then there is room to put some fun things and have room for different kinds of sport actives down there. 

For my career I would either like to be a Broadway dancer or a baker. I would like to be a Broadway dancer because I love to dance and act. Also I like the feeling of preforming on stage. A baker because I love to bake really tasty treats. But I wouldn’t want to cook because baking is funner and you get to eat the frosting or the cookie dough that is left.

Lastly for my family. I don’t know how many kids I would have, or who I would be married too. But I know that it wouldn’t have a small family. My family would have a dog named Levi, Levi because I love the name. We would also be a really active family. We would do lots of fun stuff like hiking or canoeing, and stuff like that.

So that would be the future me. I hope that it will turn out to be this way, but who knows. So what do you think your future will be like?

 Swedish house Coss and Johanna via Compfight